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Led by the principal architect Vaughn Lane, AVL is a studio-based architectural practice that works closely with clients to create simple design-solutions to complex problems. In partnership with our sister company - Detail Construction - we deliver our clients a full range of design and construction services, from initial sketch-design to the completion of building work.

Architect's statement

Traditionally the role of the master builder was to organise an entire building project, from the conception of a building's design to the completion of the building works. Over time, the role of the master builder separated into three distinct areas: that of the builder; project manager and architect. Money and energy is often spent linking these three roles back together, and this cost is usually borne by the client.

A desire to provide an integrated service motivated me to start my own design and building practices: AVL and Detail Construction. I can collaborate with clients on every stage in the design and construction process and manage projects from the development of the first sketches to the last nut and bolt on a job.

For those AVL projects where another builder is engaged, my comprehensive knowledge of the entire design and construction process allows me to transform problems into opportunities.

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