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Time 2000 Transportable
Interior upper level
Interior staircase


The Time2000 brief was highly unusual: a client approached AVL and WSD to devise a multi-purpose module based on the dimensions of shipping container that could be mass produced and then transported to its desired location. The module features a series of inter-changeable removal panels in the floor, roof and walls that created a space that could be used in a variety of ways. A collection of fold-away components (encompassing everything from sliding screens, kitchen joinery, beds and staircases) allows for the flexible arrangement of the spaces, such as joining two or more modules together with connecting stairs and mezzanines. The project also emphasised environmental sustainability: internal air quality is controlled with geothermal air conditioning and beneath the photo-voltaic glass roof are permaculture gardens. Waste from the scheme is treated by a Dowmus Waste Management System before reticulating back into the roof garden. Work in association with WSD.

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